The 16th Annual Calico Trail Run 30k/50k
will be on Sunday, January 26, 2020

This is the Trail Run you've been waiting for all year.

It's not just a trail run . . . It's an adventure!
Historic Calico Ghost Town and Mining District is one of the most beautiful and awe-striking trail runs you will ever experience. Ruggedness combined with the shear beauty of the historic Calico Mountains is the theme of this adventure!
Join us for an experience
you'll never forget!

Discovery Trails is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to teaching the "values" about the amazing Mojave Desert. Many people when traveling through or using the Mojave Desert only see it as a dead place of dried bushes and rocks. Actually though, it is the second largest eco-system in the world behind the Rain Forrest in South America. There is so much life in the Mojave Desert and you just need to be informed how to see it! We have reached thousands of kids in schools over the last 15 years and showed them and amazed them about the Mojave Desert. That's what we do at Discovery Trails. If you wish to just make a heart-filled donations to help support us, whether you're running the Calico Trail Run or not, please click the buttom below to give a sperate donation to Discovety Trails. We really do Thank You! 

The Calico Trail Run

is a Sanctioned Event by the

Operated by and benefiting

Discovery Trails 

501(c)3 Non-Profit

Dedicated to teaching the values

of the incredible Mojave Desert.

Join us for an experience
you'll never forget!

​The 2021 Calico Trail Run Has Been CANCELLED Because Of Califorina Virus Restrictions. Please Check Back For Updates.

We Are Planning on Jan. 2022!